The Logic of Withdrawal

by Anthony Arnove


The Logic of Withdrawal

by Anthony Arnove

“An urgent book.”—Arundhati Roy

Three years after the start of the war in Iraq, violence and misery continue to plague the country, and conservatives and liberals alike are struggling with the question of when—and under what circumstances—U.S. and coalition forces should leave. In this cogent and compelling book, Anthony Arnove argues that the U.S. occupation is the major source of instability and suffering for the Iraqi people. Challenging the idea that George W. Bush was ever interested in bringing democracy to Iraq—and the view widely held across the political spectrum that it would be more damaging to leave prematurely—Arnove explores the real reasons behind the invasion. He shows why continuing the occupation is a wildly unrealistic and reckless strategy that makes the world a more dangerous place.

Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal concludes by laying out a clear vision for the antiwar movement, one that engages soldiers, military families, and the many communities affected by the occupation, who together, Arnove argues, can build the coalition needed to bring the troops home.

Praise for Iraq

“Anthony Arnove's analysis of the reasons for U.S. troops to be withdrawn from Iraq is brilliant.”

—Cindy Sheehan

“A compelling and courageous call to do the only right thing: bring the troops home now!”

—Mike Davis

“Arnove's arguments are persuasive and his logic undeniable.”

—Tariq Ali

“A rigorous analysis of the American occupation, historically informed and politically reasonable... Priority reading.”

—Mahmood Mamdani

“A compelling brief against America's new imperial venture.”

—Frances Fox Piven

“Any U.S. service member willing to kill or be killed in Iraq should Anthony Arnove's Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal.”

—Camilo Mejia

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